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Choroidal Inflammation – Understanding the Hidden Layer
The choroid remained for many years as an obscure part of the uveal tract with limited ability to examine it. Recent progress in imaging has allowed us to better understand the manifestations of many diseases and gave the ability to monitor disease behaviour and response to therapy. We will focus this webinar on the imaging modalities currently available and the conditions involving the different parts of the choroid.

Moderator: Carlos Pavésio, United Kingdom

Investigating the Choroid: Imaging and How it Helps in the Diagnosis and Monitoring
Infectious Choroiditis
Inflammation Involving Primarily the Choriocapillary
Inflammation Involving the Choroidal Stroma

All of us are very excited to host a webinar this year but are even more excited and looking forward to meeting face to face again, in Prague 2023 - https://soe2023.soevision.org/

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on Friday, 28 January 2022 from 18.30hrs CET

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